Ana Siqueira

A Multilingual Author
Spanish, Portuguese and English

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Rio de Janeiro

I have 1 brother and 3 sisters.

Vera, Monica, Leoni, and Me (trying to simulate a funny photo from our childhood.)

My parents live in Rio too and I miss them everyday.

My mom – Frida Kahlo style/ My father with my younger son.

What have I been doing with my life?

Having kids – 3 kids, 3 grandkids. Bellow, also my father who also lives in Rio. My stepdaughter Luisa, her husband and my granddaughter Erika. My 3 kids during Christmas and my blue-eyed grandson Luka.

Teaching – I started teaching kindergarten, then I taught Portuguese and Spanish at University of South Florida (where I got my masters in Foreign Language Education: Spanish), and I taught Spanish for kids from 0-18. I also had an incredible experience teaching in India. Now, I teach Spanish to elementary students online – Florida Virtual School. I love it!

Teaching kids how to be silly, what an important lesson!!!

Writing – I wrote and got two books published in Brasil in 1995/1996. Then, life hit me. I moved to the United States. I worked as an interpreter while taking care of my kids, and … Boom, no more writing for a while.

Now, that I teach Spanish through stories and songs. I have been creating stories all the time, but not trying to write books.

But, then my grandson Luka came and through his eyes I could see how wonderful it is the world of imagination. I started creating stories with him and now, I had to go back to writing. I’m working hard on learning new trends, adapting my writing style and getting ready to query. But I was super luck to receive an answer about interest in publishing my book “El Pato Quiere Uvas” in a record time: 30 minutes.

I can’t be happier to be publishing a book where kids will have fun learning Spanish. They will feel proud because they will be able to understand it.

Going to the Beach – I’m luck that I spend my vacations in Florida or Rio, so beach is the place to go.

My husband and I – Palm Beach.


  1. Hi Ana! Are you doing 12×12 this year? I hope you’re doing well and staying healthy!
    Take care,
    Maria Bursey


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