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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

com a lingua de for a

Minha familia – Sou a com lingua de fora. I’m the one with glasses sticking out my tongue – right side of my mom. My sisters tricked us- my brother, my mom and me. They said: stick out your tongues. They didn’t! I did.

Am I too old to start all over?

A long, long time ago, I wrote stories in Brazil.

I was happy and proud, but then …

Life happened!

I moved to California (In Brazil, there is a wonderful song about living the dream in California- here is a quick video.)

California por Lulu Santos

So, since the “grass always looks greener on the other side,” I left my beautiful Rio de Janeiro to search other seas.

And, there in California, I worked full-time as an interpreter, took care of my two amazing kids and tried to write. But then …

Life happened again! Ai, caramba!

I moved, with my ex-husband to Florida. Florida is the place to be, right?

I decided to forget about writing and focus on working and improving my English skills after I went to a writer’s conference and the editor told me:

Your story is weird! The weirdest things were:

  1. I didn’t know what weird meant. 🤣
  2. This story was a translation of my book in Portuguese that won a prize from the prestigious “Academia Brasileira de Letras.”

I guess my story of a Moon blinking and a girl revealing -what all kids know – that the Moon has eyes and it was flirting with everybody, was not a story for the American market. That was in 1996!!! But I’m not that old.

Well, yes I am. I’m already a grandmother – two girls and three boys- all wonderful and cute. I can send you pictures if you ask me to. 😊

Life kept happening, and I went back to teaching. Now, I teach Spanish with FLVS. My kids all left the house. And I had to keep writing crazy stories to my students – at the time Saint Pauls Clearwater Independent School.

Then one day, they asked me to write a story about “The Duck Song.” Check the video; it’s hilarious. And, TA-DA, this Easy Reader, with authorization from the songwriter Bryant Oden, has been published by Teacher’s Discovery. It’s called EL PATO QUIERE UVAS.

Wow! I told myself. Now, I’m an author again and from now on, everything will be a piece of cake. Vai ser moleza!

But … Oh, no! How hard it is! Here are some steps:

  • Start writing.
  • Feel, oh, so proud!
  • Send to a critique group.
  • Oops, they couldn’t get your message at all. They think the duck is a chicken. And the duck’s mom is a witch. And the witch is the chicken. All wrong!
  • Time to rewrite.
  • Join all writing groups you can join – SCBWI, 12×12, Storyteller Academy.
  • Read, at least, 20 Picture Books a day.
  • Keep on swapping manuscripts with your critique partners until they understand who the witch is.
  • And, after revising your manuscripts so many times, you do not know how the story began…
  • Time to research submission guidelines, agents, publishers, and
  • to learn how to write query letters,
  • and Twitter pitches. I didn’t even have a twitter account!

In summary, writing is no piece of cake. But, I keep on hoping, I will have a book published before it’s literally too late.

If you’re also trying and one day you feel proud and the next you feel you can’t even write a recipe, please join me and write your comments below.

My Book Available at Teacher’s Discovery. Check here Book Trailer.

3 thoughts on “Ana’s Journey – Click here

  1. You very clearly described the way I see it. I hope one day to read your weird story. I often love those stories I read from other countries. I feel one reason I am not understood here – even though I’m American born and lived most my life, is that I love metaphor and magical realism. I have seen some of this here, but more that the market has become careful and logical.
    Like you I’ve been in SCBWI, 12 X 12 and SA. You’ve had more success than I, but I’m cheering for both of us to have our dreamed of picture book successes in this lifetime. I’ll even
    be happy if I just get to illustrate someone else’s book!

    bonnie fireUrchin lambourn


  2. Hi Ana, Loved your post! Your personality shines through and the youtube clip, De Repente California was great. Thank you for sharing your journey and your encouraging words about writing. If you still have it I would love to read your story about the moon that blinks and flirts!


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