Many Thanks to All Who Helped Me With My 2020 Successes.

Even though this year was a complicated one based on the pandemic and some personal problems, I have to be extra thankful. If you have been following my journey, you know that at the end of 2019, I got my first offer for my story BELLA’S RECIPE FOR SUCCESS (Illustrated by Geraldine Rodriguez), coming outContinue reading “Many Thanks to All Who Helped Me With My 2020 Successes.”

Joana Pastro a Damsel Not in Distress

Here a little bit about this Brazilian-American-English girl and her path on becoming an AMAZING picture book writer. Her Childhood in Brazil, United States and England. I had a happy and pretty interesting childhood. I was born in Brasilia, and when I was a month old, my mom and I moved to the United StatesContinue reading “Joana Pastro a Damsel Not in Distress”

Spring Fling Story

Contest page here. Cow Girl by Ana Siqueira – 149 words It’s spring!  Maravilla reads about las flores of the world. At her farm, there are none. She must go smell some. But… with her short legs, she can’t go that far. Her people ride and shout, “Vámonos, cowgirls!” If girls can be cowgirls. CowsContinue reading “Spring Fling Story”

Donna Barba Higuera – A Magical Musa

UNA NIÑA FILLED WITH MAGICAL STORIES Even as a child I made up fantastical stories in my mind. Simple interactions with friends or teachers where I’d been silent or awkward, I’d imagine instead I had responded with a booming, brave voice or with some clever speech. Or I’d envision a simple playground dust devil wasContinue reading “Donna Barba Higuera – A Magical Musa”

Funny Stories to Teach Spanish by Craig Klein Dexemple

My students love watching all the videos from Craig, especially the ones with Pablito. They always laugh when Pablito, el ratoncito, finds un tomate en el baño. Jajaja. His super creative stories will delight you. Read here to get to know more about this fantastic writer and teacher. Childhood in Colombia I was very fortunateContinue reading “Funny Stories to Teach Spanish by Craig Klein Dexemple”

12 Days of Christmas – My Successes

Reflections on my achievements 2019 – Exercise for 12 Days of Christmas by 12×12 – Julie Hedlund A long time ago, 1992!!! I wrote children’s books in Brazil, and one of them got an award from “Academia de Letras” in Brazil.  Forward a few years, and you’ll find a Spanish teacher without time to write.Continue reading “12 Days of Christmas – My Successes”

Resources for Teachers and Writers when Using a Book

Little More About Mi Libro El Pato Carlos finally arrived at Teacher’s Discovery and he is sure tomake a lot of teachers happy! Carlos is featured in a very easy-to-read book which offers lots of engaging activities to get students learning and enjoying Spanish. . Check here testimonial from the super amazing Julie Speno ofContinue reading “Resources for Teachers and Writers when Using a Book”

Jennifer DegenHardt – A Spanish Teacher & A Writer

Jennifer Degenhardt, B.A., M.Ed., taught middle and high school Spanish for 24 years.  She began writing when students in her classes were not “buying in” to the traditional textbook lessons.  With the first story she wrote, Jennifer found that her students were more engaged, both with the language and in class in general.  While herContinue reading “Jennifer DegenHardt – A Spanish Teacher & A Writer”