Spring Fling Story

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Cow Girl

by Ana Siqueira – 149 words

It’s spring! 

Maravilla reads about las flores of the world.

At her farm, there are none.

She must go smell some.


with her short legs,

she can’t go that far.

Her people ride and shout, “Vámonos, cowgirls!”

If girls can be cowgirls.

Cows can definitely be cowgirls.


her owners took the horses.

So, Maravilla will find a ride at the circus.

“Elefante, let’s go smell las flores of the world?”

“Of course!”

But … 

Too big!!

“Carro, let’s go smell las flores of the world?”

Carro doesn’t answer.

Maravilla plops in. 


Carro doesn’t “MOVE!!!!”

“I quit!” Maravilla moans.


“Jirafa, vamos smell las flores of the world?

Jirafa bends down her neck and says,



Too slippery!!!


Maravilla borrows the clown’s rubber boots and TA-DA! 

She rides la jirafa!  

“Vamos smell all las flores of the world!”


in which direction is the world? 

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