Kaitlyn Sanchez and her journey to get an Agent!!

Inspiration. 🎉🎭🎨💡📕 Kaitlyn knew she wanted to be a writer since she was a little girl, but she started her writing career when her super cute daughter Kiara turned one. †  Kiara and Mom, two big inspirations.     I have my daughter and two amazing women to thank for leading me down this wonderful path ofContinue reading “Kaitlyn Sanchez and her journey to get an Agent!!”

Teaching Spanish with Stories

Sometimes, school curriculum require you to teach topics. So, there is always a way to create stories based on such topics. Book Available at Teacher’s Discovery Check Book Trailer HERE. Check some of my examples. Here you can see that you can use numbers to talk about prices, ages, etc. Then, you can use feelingsContinue reading “Teaching Spanish with Stories”