A New Kind of Wild by Zara Gonzalez Hoang

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A new Kind of Wild is a book that will fill your imagination and take you on a beautiful trip.

First Ren lives in this wild place filled with unicorns and fairies.

” His days were filled with green and dirt and rocks and mud.”

Then he moves to a big city. He meets Ava. A girl who is happy to go through all the colors and sounds of the big city.

“Ava loved her city. It was a place of constant change, with people mvoing through it like and endless parade.”

But no matter what Ava does, Ren still feels homesick until Ava finds a way to show Ren the wild does also exist in her big city, their big city.

Such a beautiful story filled with lyrical language and amazing illustration.
Wow. So colorful and bright, so vivid and real, so wild.

I strongly recommend this book to show all of us how perspective can make us see the world differently, but how with goodwill and friendship we can make everybody’s world a little better.
Congrats Zara for this beautiful story.
Ana Siqueira


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